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Monday, 14 April 2014

Room 3 have been learning about 'legacy' and what this means to them.  After a lot of discussion and using creative thinking, they believe they can leave an environmental legacy to the future students of Hukanui School.  They have been working on a plan for the area between Rooms 11 and 22.  This area has changed since the new astroturf has been put in place.  The students asked all the classes in our school what they would to see in this area.  They got 323 ideas.  Wow!  That's a lot to think about.  Using set criteria, they narrowed the ideas down.  The criteria were possible/not possible.  The possible ideas were then grouped into two groups, 'creative' and 'asked for a lot of times'.  From these final ideas, Room 3 students have come up with some draft plans to pass on to the Board of Trustees and Mr. Mossop.  Legacy is a wonderful concept to explore, helping us to think about others.
Sharing our learning at the Year 5/6 Assembly

Learning about our first Sustainable Vision Map made in 1998

Following our sustainable vision mapping on our second map made in 2007

Our latest Sustainable Vision Map

Sketching the area between Room 11 and 22.

Some of our draft plans.

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