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Monday, 15 April 2013

The students in the Year 3 and 4 Sustainable elective are learning about Honeybees and what they need to survive.  They viewed the school beehive, completed a bee watch and investigated the scientific criteria of insects as they explore our school environment.

Last week, our junior, middle and senior Sustainable Electives got underway.  The junior students are looking at native trees and animals through their gully study, the middle students are learning about honeybees and what they need to survive and the senior students are continuing their learning about sustainable communities and kai.  These 12 week studies will continue through next term with our students learning about and taking action in our environment.

Room 3 passed on their learning to the Year 5/6 Elective

Congratulations to all our sustainable student teams who are now in action.  Our students applied for these positions and volunteer their time to complete sustainable tasks. The teams include the Living Room Specialist Group, Enviro Council, Year 4 Composters, Paper Recyclers, Gully Guides, Native Tree Seed's Group, the Cultural Garden Caretakers and Room 11 Butterfly Gardeners.