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Monday, 8 August 2016

The students in the Year 5/6 Sustainable Elective have been learning about our wastewater system and the effects this can have on the environment.  One of our classes found and interesting Journal article called 'Up the Pipe'.  This article really got the students thinking, especially when the author noted that people are very good at recycling their containers but they don't always think about what was in the container and how it effects the environment when it enters our wastewater.  Our students found a list of chemicals that are harmful to the environment if they get in our soils and then into the waterways.  To develop their understanding and increase their pool of knowledge, students have learnt about the wastewater process, the concept of sludge, that sludge ends up in the landfill, landfills sometimes leach into our soils and their into the waterway and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.  Many of the collected containers had ingredients that were harmful.  The students first action is to explore making their own 'green cleaning' products and to test their effectiveness.  The learning and experimenting continues.