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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Over the last two terms, the Enviro Councillors have been keeping an eye out for those students who are showing Aroha to our school environment.  These students are given an Enviro Voucher.  They can receive a voucher for having a wrapper free lunchbox, for being an active member of an enviro team, or for keeping our school tidy.  The vouchers go into a draw at one of our special assemblies.  We had a lot of vouchers to draw from but we could only have one winner.  Showing Aroha means we choose to care and be loving and kind, we don't need a reward, we still feel good.  It is also fun to give away things to our winner that we have made or grown.

During one of our weekly meetings, one of our Enviro Councillors suggested that we give our caretaker Mr Morris a special Enviro Voucher Award for all the things he kindly does for us.  We liked that idea, so we made an award and gave him a Green Is Good T-shirt to thank him.