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Monday, 12 June 2017

There is always a lot of fun and positive environmental action happening at our school.  Students learn through hands on explorations and researching issues that they are concerned about.  Our Living Room Specialist group have continued on the care and knowledge sharing about the Living Room since 2010, once the manual was completed.  This peer teaching has proven to be powerful, positive and reflective.

The Junior Enviro Elective have been learning about vegetable gardening and using different foods in cooking.  They made Traffic Light sandwiches, using foods for the different colours.

The Backyard Garden Group continue to provide food for our Community Table.  Check out the huge pumpkin we cut up for last week's table.

The Enviro Council are in action with Kai Pai Kiwi visiting classes who find different ways to help the environment and each other.

Room 6 are our week day chicken caretakers.  They are responsible for looking after the daily needs of the chickens with food and water and of course a cuddle and egg collecting.

The students in the Year 5/6 Sustainable Elective are continuing the planning for an outside kitchen space where they can do 'garden to table' food preparation.  They have regular cooking experiences to try first hand the skills required for safe and hygienic cooking and to help them decide the features of their outside kitchen area.  Last week they made Potato Patties using some of the potatoes harvested earlier in the year and herbs from our garden.  Their development of skills from measuring, cutting, grating, whisking and cooking over heat has been very rewarding to watch, along with their teamwork skills and preparation and clean up.