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Saturday, 14 September 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who have been, and continue to be involved in the development of Our Community Table.  The students put together an over view on this project as a powerpoint presentation. This was entered in the Mother Earth Reward competition.  We were selected as one of 9 finalists.

ALL the finalists are up on the Mother Earth Reward site

Please take the time to look at our entry and the other great finalists and then if you would like to vote for us, that would be fantastic!

Please encourage friends and members of our school community to vote for us.  We could win $500 to put back into our sustainable projects and this will be additional if we are one of the lucky winners of the main prizes! 

Last week, at Community Table day, we had the most donations from our community to date, and we harvested our fist celery from our school gardens to put on the table.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Congratulations to the students in the Year 5/6 Sustainable Elective from Term 2, 2013.  Their Community Table has been, and continues to be a great success.  After months of planning, designing and thinking,  they have developed a successful way for our school and families to share our excess fruit and vegetables.  Our table is out in the Cultural Garden area every Thursday morning at 8.30am. The students have a roster for set up and standing by the table to talk to people as they come and donate, or take foods.  We put food on it that is extra in our school gardens.  We have contributed a lot of lemons and also spinach plants we have grown at school.  Our community have added to this table too, donating limes, oranges, apples, herbs and mandarins.  Any one can select what they would like to use at home or eat at school.  We get many comments from our community about what a great idea this is.  Showing Aroha this way gives us a great feeling and parents and grandparents who visit keep telling us how great this project is. Our motto is 'You can give to us and we can give to others. It's for a sustainable cause'.

Every Tuesday lunchtime, students in the Native Tree and Seeds group meet together to continue the great work in our gully restoration and other plantings in our school.  Winter and early Spring are wonderful times for planting native trees.  With our new steps in the gully, access has been greatly improved. The students pot up smaller native plants in the nursery area, plant them in the gully once they are big enough and plant other areas of the school that need a touch of green.  Last week, they planted five Titoki trees in the pool area to provide shade during the swimming months.

Our student groups continue to maintain projects in our school with enthusiasm and dedication.  The students in the Living Room Specialist Group care for the Living Room and pass on their learning to younger students.  They meet weekly for a breakfast meeting before school where they learn about the history, features of the Living Room and the surrounding environment.  They are the Living Room caretakers who do most of the maintenance tasks, following their Living Room manual.