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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Our students groups are continuing the great work from 2016 along with the many actions from the years before since we became an enviroschool in 1998. Our Backyard garden group have been busy harvesting onions to store for future cooking experiences, using our school made compost to improve the soil quality of our strawberry patch, harvesting food for the school Community Table, making Lemon Curd for fundraising, learning how to put in an effective watering system and celebrating each sessions work with homemade lemon drinks.  Another great start to our year at school.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Welcome to 2017 with Hukanui School and our sustainable learning.  We are looking forward to continuing our Sustainable Journey, building on existing actions, maintaining projects and exploring options for the future.
We started this year with a very special Whole School Assembly on Friday February 3. During this assembly, we welcomed community visitors who quietly go about helping in our school and our students develop unique experiences.  Mr. Graham Kitto from the Rotary Club Fairfield made two special awards. We are thrilled that Graham, and the Rotary Club of Fairfield continue to support our sustainable journey as they have over the past six years.
This year the awards went to Tony and Jane Lorimer for their continued support for our school beehive. Since 2011, they have been our mentors, helping us keep our beehive active and healthy. This provides our students with the opportunity to learn more about honeybees, their role in pollination and how we can help them.  Our students have developed a caring and respectful attitude to bees.
The other award went to David and Sharon Payne, affectionately known as Pops and Grandma Sharon.  They have done amazing work in our Backyard Garden, providing our student with opportunities to learn about gardening and cooking with their produce.  David and Sharon also work with the students to pass on their valuable knowledge and experience about building a garden, preserving produce and the history related to our foods.
We are grateful for our community support, enthusiasm and the care and kindness our supporters give us so willingly.

Look at the produce from our gardens that
Grandma Sharon preserved for us, so we
can learn about them and eat them later in the
year when they are not in season. Wow! Plums,
apples, peaches and strawberries.  Thanks so
much Grandma Sharon.