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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Our student Enviro Council meet every Friday.  Their role is to continue environmental projects begun by previous students, share this history and continue on with new project from our School Vision Map.  They are a very important environmental group because they represent the whole school, by talking to all the students.  They have been learning about our school's Environmental Care Code and the Enviro Voucher system.  To deliver their ideas and answer student's questions, the students have been practising introducing themselves and the weekly minutes in clear and enthusiastic voices.

Monday, 4 May 2015

This term's year 5/6 Sustainable Elective have been learning about water.  Water is in every living thing and is essential for survival.  We found out that watermelons are 92% water and that cucumbers are 96% water.  That surprised a lot of us. We used the cucumbers from our garden to make Hukanui Sunshine Pickle.  It is great to make pickle and chutney because you can have the taste of foods you like in the seasons when they can't grow in our garden.  Wow! Check out our master chefs.

The students in the Backyard Garden/Seed group spent their lunchtime planted the next section of the school gully restoration project.  The learnt how to plant a native tree and collected water from the stream as this is the only time we water our plants, when they are first put in the ground.  We plant the right plant in the right place, so they will grow well all by themselves.  Our students also care for the seedlings in the nursery.  Great teamwork and a lot of fun and satisfaction for us all.