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Monday, 20 March 2017

It has been wonderful to see the commitment of our students who care for our school environment and who have a strong connection with sustainability and their future as each of our student groups are up and running.  We have seen our Paper Recyclers in action, collecting paper materials and measuring amounts collected as a part of Paper4Trees, our Enviro Councillors getting together to learn and explore our school's Vision Map to take action, our Backyard Garden Group who care for our gully and fruit and vegetables. and our Living Room Specialist Group who are our eco-classroom historians and caretakers.  We thank all the students in these groups.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Students in our Backyard Garden group have been working well together on many of the tasks required at the start of a new year.  After harvesting cucumbers, onions and honey, they made their own Summer Sunshine Pickle with the help of Grandma Sharon.  They made 12 bottle of this delicious pickle following a tried and true recipe.  The jars of pickle are being sold at the school office to raise funds for more netting to cover our gardens, keeping our inquisitive chickens and the nosey pukeko from eating our food.  Well done to this great team.