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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sustainable Student Groups

 Congratulations to all the students who have chosen and been selected to undertake sustainable student roles.  We had over one hundred student applications for Gully Guides, Paper Recycling and Seeds Group. Everyone who applied has been successful for at least one sustainable group.  Our Enviro Council members were selected by their classes and will regularly report to their junior buddy classes.  We than them and wish them well in their roles as they continue student actions begun many years ago.
Students in the Living Room Specialist Group complete maintenance
tasks around our enviro classroom and record them on their
maintenance schedule.

Students in the Living Room Specialist groups help in many
sustainable projects.  They even help with the packaging
of honey from our school hive.
Clearing the windows of the portholes that show the
different types of underfloor insulation.

Our Gully Guides take our visitors around many of the
sustainable projects that have been completed at our
school.  They are wonderful ambassadors.

Paper Recycling has been happening at our school for
more than 15 years.  Students record how much paper
we recycle and we are rewarded with native trees for our
gully.  The scheme is called Paper for Trees.

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