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Monday, 14 April 2014

Today in lunchtime gardening group, we cooked potato cakes using the potatoes we grew in our garden, along with our courgettes.  Grandma Payne, our very helpful and kind grandma set up the most amazing outside Masterchef  Kitchen with a recipe for us to follow and everything we needed.  It was wonderful eating food we have grown in our own garden.  Some of the student comments were:
*  I have learnt how to turn a potato cake into flour.
*  Courgettes are delicious.  I thought they would taste yucky.
*  It was fun growing the food fresh from the garden and then cooking and eating it.
*  We are lucky to have Grandma Sharon's help.
We harvested our potatoes last week. 
Grandma Sharon helped us prepare the potatoes, courgettes and eggs.

Next time we might be able to beat our own eggs.

Grandma Payne was wonderful when letting the students do all the preparing and cooking

The Potato Cakes tasted fantastic.

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  1. Yum they look good - thanks to the teachers and Grandma Payne for your amazing support to our children :)