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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hukanui School has been an Enviroschool since 1998.  We have many important student groups, some that have going for many years.  Our school's Enviro Council represent all the students in our school by sharing and asking for ideas from their classes and buddy classes.  This year's Enviro Council are another highly motivated group.  They have a clear understanding of how we work as an enviroschool, what our care code is, knowledge of our current and previous Vision Maps and how we encourage students with our Enviro Vouchers.  This year the Enviro Council's focus is to continue to encourage our students and staff to be Wrapper Free.  We are already doing a great job with this but we think we can encourage this idea even further with fun challenging activities.

This is Kai Pai Kiwi our Enviro Council Mascot

Our students are discussing and planning all the different tasks
students in our school can do to be rewarded with an Envio
Voucher.  Some of these include being actively part of an
enviro group, having Wrapper Free Lunch boxes or being a
great enviro role model. 

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