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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The students in the Living Room Specialist Group have been very busy at their breakfast meeting each Tuesday.  Not only do they care for the Living Room, completing maintenance tasks, they also spend half of this time learning about the history of the Living Room and how its environmental features work.  The students pass this learning on to other students in our school and to our visitors.  They also make regular additions and alterations to the 'Living Room Operations and Maintenance' Manual.  Each year an updated manual, a schedule of maintenance tasks and the date they were completed and any tasks that the Board of Trustees need to help us with are given to our principal Mr. Mossop.  This process helps keep the circle of life flowing through our special environmental learning centre, The Living Room.
The 2013 Living Room Operations and Maintenance
Manual is presented to Mr Mossop our principal

Students completing tasks from the Maintenance Schedule.

Year 6 students peer teaching Year 5 students about the
features of the Living Room as explained in the student
written manual.

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