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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Week 3 
After counting down the 21 days that it takes a chicken to hatch, our great day arrived.  There was great excitement as our new additions pecked their way out of their shells.  It's hard work and really exhausts the chick. We were all keen to touch and care for our chicks.  The students in Room 11 really helped us too.  Happy Birthday to our chicks.  They are all different breeds but they are so cute.
Students record their own reflections of their learning

Our first chick to hatch.  When the chicks feathers were dry
and fluffy, we put them into their new home.  

So cute! 

Students in Room 11 made birthday cards for our nine
new chicks.

Right from Day 1, our students looked
after our chicks.

If at one day old, we found our chicks were very good at pooping.
Our gardens will be in good hands.

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