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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The students in the Year 3 and 4 Sustainable Elective have been learning about how chickens can help with our organic gardening.  They were lucky to be involved in the hatching of our new Hukanui chicks.  Each week they shared their learning and explorations.  The following is a review of this process.

Getting to know our original four Hukanui chickens.
Is four chickens enough? No we would like more.
Learning about the survival needs of chickens
Using thinking skills to find out what we already know
about chickens and what we can learn more about.

Discovering the differences between fertilised and
unfertilised eggs.

Unfertilised eggs from our original chickens.

In 2005 why did our students want to have chickens? They were
on the original Living Room wish list because they help the

We found out that the most important reason
we have chickens at our school is because
they are great organic garden poop fertilisers.
There are other reasons too like eggs, eating
bugs and weeds and putting air into the soil.

Our fertilised eggs in the incubator

The trays in the incubator tun the eggs so that they are
warm all over.

It takes 21 days for a baby chick to hatch from
their egg.  It's hard work getting out of the egg.

An overview of our learning during our first week.

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