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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The students in the Term 3, Year 5/6 Sustainable Elective developed their learning and understandings about our fascinating NZ native eels.  They explored the features of the long fin and short fin eel, researched their vulnerability in their current habitats and discovered the traditional Maori catching techniques and importance of eels in their diet.  Students showed amazement that female long fin eels only breed once in their life at approximately 100 year old and they have to travel all the way to Tonga to do this. 
Along side this learning, students explored our school's stream health and went on a trip to see eels in their natural habitat.  Their technology challenge was to design a traditional hinaki, test it and make recommendations for design alterations.
At the end of the study, they reflected on their learning with their families demonstrating the true understanding of eels and developed games that share this knowledge and encourage others to care for and be aware of their plight.  These students are now wonderful ambassadors for our native eels.

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