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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Year 5/6 Sustainable Elective developed their learning about the vital resource of water and how it is essential to all living things.  They gained an understanding of the scientific thinking behind water flow, water molecules and states of matter.  After observing and exploring our school for sources of water and water run off, they became interested in the Living Room mini wetland garden and its water feature, The Fountain of Power.  A visit to Waiwhakareke Wetland in our Hamilton city consolidated their understanding about the importance of declining wetlands locally and globally.  Wetlands are the kidneys of nature, storing and soaking up excess water and releasing it back with all the pollution particles destroyed by their helpful bacteria.  Back at school, research was completed on the threatened and most important wetlands in the world and student iPad presentations were developed to increase the awareness of these special places.  On a local front, student action was to make their own water flow models and to restore the Fountain of Power back to its original state.  They also replanted the vegetable garden and looked at the percentage of water in different foods.  This also developed the idea of making Hukanui Chutney and Pickle. What fantastic actions were initiated by our students.

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