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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

At this year's National Bee Conference (over 800 delegates), we entered the photo competition in the category 'Essay'.  In this section, a series of photos tell a story.  Mr Mossop took fantastic photos on one of the days our students were helping to work the hive.  These photos were put together to tell the story of how our students are learning and caring for our honeybees and that in the future these children will understand the importance of honey bees as plant pollinators.  We one first prize in this category.


  1. Hi I'm from Bamford School my reading group has been reading your stories about
    enviroschool, we are very interested. That must of been cool to hold a big tray full of bees. Can I ask you something? Did it take a lot of courage to hold the bees?

  2. We also looked in to how important honey bees are in our term one inquiry. How exciting to have bees making honey in your school!!! And of course pollinating all your plants :-)

  3. Hi Katie, that is a really important question you asked. At the start of our study, some of the students were afraid of honey bees but once they learnt how important they are and how to avoid getting stung, they weren't worried at all. They also felt safe in their bee suits. Keep up the great reading.