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Monday, 11 April 2016

The students in our Year 5/6 Sustainable Elective have have a very busy and fun time exploring the theme 'Healthy Living from our Backyard'.  We have had three weeks in this study so far.  Some of the activities the students have been actively involved in include a treasure hunt inside and outside of our environmental classroom, the Living Room.  This activity was designed to spark students interest in the sustainable features of the Living Room and how they connect the inside area to the outside area.  From this activity, they created a bird's eye team view of the Living Room and surrounding area.
This activity also generated a list of questions that the students wanted to know more about.  One of the question was related to learning about honey bees and the important role they play in pollination.  We then harvested honey from our school hive.  Some of this honey will be used in our cooking.
Cooking will be a part of our elective.  We talked about hygiene and the need for accurate measuring of ingredients.  So we had a measurement practise before we made our delicious Peach Smoothies, served with home grown watermelon.

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