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Monday, 14 September 2015

The Year 3/4 Sustainable Elective have this term been learning about our native, endemic and exotic birds in our gully, school environment and all over New Zealand.  When bird watching and tallying the numbers of birds around our school, they noticed that there were less birds in the school gully.  Their research showed them that during winter, birds find it more difficult to find their food.  We explored the different foods birds eat, the shape of their beaks and how we could help them.  After a lot of consideration and looking at alternatives, we decided to make seed and nectar bird feeders using recycled materials.  They look fantastic.  We tested our nectar sipping bird feeders with water and then filled them with nectar.  On our sharing day with the parents and grandparents, we went down to our school gully to hand the feeders for the birds to enjoy.  We also shared our amazing art work and our learning in our books and on our iPads.

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