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Monday, 3 August 2015

Wow!  What wonderful opportunities and life skills our students have the opportunity to develop at our school.  Since Term 3 has begun, students in the Back Garden Seed Group have continued their great work in our gardens, weeding, pruning, planting, Community Table harvesting and general tidying up; all tasks that need to be developed when caring for a produce garden.  Each week they have also been working in teams to cook freshly harvested food to share with our team.  It is very rewarding to watch our students harvest, wash, cook, share and enjoy food in one session.  They each get the current recipe and take it home to try with their families.  We have had Thai Fried Rice, ginger beer and warm winter salad so far this term.  It is with sincere thanks that we acknowledge the time and thought that Grandma Sharon puts into our programme each week, not only with her gardening and cooking skill but also sharing her knowledge of the history and ways to preserve food for the months they are not in season.


  1. That looks delicious. We have just read about your school in the "Working with Nature" Connected journal. We have a little gardening club that do some of these things on a much smaller scale. What wonderful life lessons you are all learning. Some of my class may comment on your blog over the next week if that is ok?

  2. Hi I am from Bamford School our group has read your stories and we like you awesome school. I love the way you have used the power of teamwork to accomplish that garden. How many students did you have working on the garden for this?

  3. Hi Katie, our garden has been going for about four years now and over that time, probably about 200 students have been involved in building and caring for it.