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Monday, 2 December 2013

This week we were surprised how much the chickens have grown.  They already look so different and we are surprised that they ever fitted in an egg.  We learnt about the school's chicken tractor and that it is a very good home for chickens because it has wheels and can be moved to different gardens.  By doing this, the area under the chicken tractor stays fresh.

We are looking at the different parts of the chicken tractor.
In this part, the chickens roost at night and poop on to the

We have been working in our school's vegetable gardens.  The jobs we have done are weeding, watering and picking carrots to eat.
Here we are making chicken puppets for our plays.

We keep a weekly diary of our learning and our

We sketched detailed drawing of what a 
chicken tractor looks like and its important

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  1. So much has happened in term 4's enviro elective! Chicks incubating, hatching and growing, veges growing, weeds weeded, chickens fertilising the soil in their chicken tractor and of course heaps and heaps of learning how to take the best care of paptuanuku so she can keep on providing. Well done everyone!