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Thursday, 9 May 2013

The students in the Year 5 and 6 Sustainable Elective have all been working on a logo that reflects the key concepts in our ongoing elective study.  These key concepts are Sustainability, Kia (food) and Community.  We learnt that a logo needs to be concise, give a lot of information from a simple picture, be bright and colourful and show our project so that everyone can understand it easily, even if they don't know about our project.  All the students looked at the logos and the journal entry that explained them and then used two votes to choose one logo.  It was a very close final decision with only one vote difference.  Congratulations to Abby and Maia.  Maia's creative and informative logo will be used for  our project, along with her message.

Journal Entry 9/5/13 By Maia
My logo is in the form of an apple.  It shows kai and sustainability because we grow fruit and vegetables.  The apple skin is patterned like the Earth and the Earth is our whole community.  If we all used sustainability, we could reduce our carbon footprint.  The apple has a bite out of it because I choose to use sustainability.  
The motto of my logo is - Never had a taste of sustainability?  Take a bite!

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  1. what a lovely design, very clever, well done Abby and Maia - I would be happy to create a digital reproduction of this - if you wish to push to the next step and have as a working logo.