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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Hukanui Beehive continues to go well, with our honeybees very active this summer.  They are busily pollinating flowers in our school gardens and in the local community.  We have an excess of honey on the comb that is for sale at the school office for $5.  All funds go back into our students' sustainable projects.  Check out our two bee keepers attending our hive.


  1. Ooooh yum. I must get some more of this Hukanui honey. My family just loves it. I think I would be scared being so close to the bees when the honey is being collected!

  2. Isn't Hukanui lucky to have their own beehive and honey supply in its school? I was reading about a young student at university doing amazing research into the healing properties of manuka honey. Honey sure has some amazing qualities.
    Mrs H

  3. The honey looks yummy.
    I have never had some Hukanui school honey i hope i can one day.
    The bees must work hard like Hukanui children and teachers.

  4. thats lots of honey I WANT IT! :)

  5. We like honey in Room 22.
    We wonder what Hukanui honey tastes like?

  6. Hi Room 22. Everyone likes the tastes of different things. Honey tastes delicious to the students in the Living Room group. Would you like to try some honey in your class?
    Mrs White

    1. Hello Mrs White.
      Yes please, we would like to try Hukanui Honey.
      We think it might taste sweet like jelly, chocolate or lollies.
      We can't wait to try it.
      From Room 22